How to Build Sunbeam

      Have you ever wanted to get exercise integrated into your routines of commuting, shopping, errands?  Throughout human history, exercise was built into our lives.   Today we often drive gas-guzzlers to the gym to stay healthy.  Have you ever wished you could bicycle year round?  Have you ever been tempted to try a demanding building project?  Perhaps a project like this is just the thing.  It takes a few months time and about $5000.  You’ll never regret it!

Sunbeam was driven every single week of its building, no matter how incomplete.  Next winter will see a convertible canopy, but here’s the finished product after the initial November-May burst of building:

It’s not a “garage queen” which sits in your garage and goes to parades.   You will use it every non-rainy day.   It is relatively easy to step into,  is supremely comfortable and intuitive to drive,  and is 1/3 powered by pedals and 2/3 powered by a lithium battery and 600 watt motor.  It labors up hills at 6-12 MPH and on the level goes 22-24 MPH, when you are pedaling your part.   It has a range of 70-90 miles on an overnight battery charge, depending on driving speed and terrain.    It turns heads, stops traffic, and gets you into constant conversations.

Use the three pages at the top of this website, and I’ll take you through the building process.   If you have questions, use the comment section below each page,  email me at moonbeam25(at), or best of all, drop by in Camden, Maine  GOOD LUCK!  –Jory Squibb